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The foundation comprises the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees. Joachim Schwarzenberg, as founder and director of the foundation, is setting it´s long- term politics. Ulrike Schwarzenberg, as the second member of the Executive Board, supports these goals with her know-how in the areas of business management, marketing and communication.

The interdisciplinary and cross-generational Board of Trustees encompasses both architectural knowledge (Stephan Birk) and academic as well as committee experience (Vera Schwarzenberg / Moritz Pfeifer). It is intended to be both a source of inspiration and a supervisory body for the management of the foundation in accordance with the foundation statutes.

Communication and dynamics within the Atelierhausstiftung Architektur are based on family and friendship, and therefore an ideal requisite for a good start, constructive cooperation, and sustainability.

Executive Board:

Joachim Schwarzenberg
Frankfurt am Main
(Executive director)

Ulrike Schwarzenberg
Frankfurt am Main
(Second Member of the Executive Board)

Board of Trustees:

Vera Schwarzenberg,
Bonn (Germany)

Dr. Moritz Pfeifer,
Paris (France)

Stephan Birk,
Hauset (Belgium)