Thank you for your interest in supporting  the Atelierhaus Stiftung Architektur. It is an investment in the next generations.

There are two different ways of sponsoring the foundation, and we kindly ask to specify the desired type on the bank transfer.


go directly into the capital stock of the Atelierhaus Stiftung Architektur. They contribute to the increase of the annual foundation income, which is used exclusively to accomplish the foundation’s purpose.


are to be used promptly after receipt in accordance with the non-profit purpose of the Atelierhaus Foundation for Architecture. Even small amounts can have a lasting and visible effect.

After receipt of your grant or donation you will receive an offical confirmation for presentation to the tax office.

If you wish, your company or name can be listed on this website as a sponsor of the Atelierhaus Stiftung Architektur.


Bank Account:

Atelierhausstiftung Architektur

Frankfurter Volksbank eG
IBAN DE91 5019 0000 0077 8872 61